Nancy Clark’s Recipes for Athletes App Reviews

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Too little for too much

$2.99 for a few recipes....its just not worth it.

Great app!

Tons of delicious, healthy recipes. Also, the homemade sports drink can save you a lot of money!

I agree with JMM 722!!!

This is an awesome app! The recipes are healthy and taste great but Im holding 1/2 STAR because Id love a Save to Favorites folder for my "Oven French Fries", "Mustard Dill Salmon" and "Fish in Foil Mexican Style"!

Pretty Good

Its a nice start, but a little bare bones in terms of content. Hopefully, shell have updates to add more info.

Easy To Make Healthy and Satisfying Meals

Ive been using this app for a month now. Its very clear and simple (for a non-cook like myself.) The nutritional breakdowns are detailed, the ingredients lists are clear, and the instructions are very simple. Now I can make weekly batches of food to sustain my training (without becoming a nutritionist myself.)


It needs more recipes, a lot more. Beside that the app is a good one. If you really want to learn how cook good food google it dont do it this way!

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