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Nancy Clark’s Recipes for Athletes app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 9168 ratings )
Sports Health & Fitness
Developer: Human Kinetics
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 Apr 2011
App size: 10.87 Mb

In Nancy Clark’s Recipes for Athletes, Clark offers 71 recipes designed to help you perform better in your next event. Each of the recipes is searchable by calories, carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Recipes can be further sorted for nutrient timing recommendations, including recipes for pre- and postexercise, and special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Full-color photos of each prepared dish accompany the recipes as well as a quick reference listing of the most popular protein and energy bars, sports and energy drinks, and protein powders. In addition, Nancy Clarks Recipes for Athletes includes an internationalization setting, which allows you to select imperial or metric measurements. Just select the settings icon, select the Nancy Clark app, then select units, and there you can pick which measurement type you would like to view.

Clark provides additional nutrition information for each recipe so you know the exact health value for each prepared meal. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to find recipes to fuel you in competition, Nancy Clark’s Recipes for Athletes will help you create meals that make you feel and perform better.

I. Recipes
Breads and Breakfast
Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes
Vegetables and Salads
Chicken and Turkey
Fish and Seafood
Beef and Pork
Beans and Tofu
Beverages and Smoothies
Snacks and Desserts

II.Quick Find
Nutrient Timing
Special Diets


IV.About HK

Latest reviews of Nancy Clark’s Recipes for Athletes app for iPhone and iPad

Too little for too much
$2.99 for a few recipes....its just not worth it.
Great app!
Tons of delicious, healthy recipes. Also, the homemade sports drink can save you a lot of money!
I agree with JMM 722!!!
This is an awesome app! The recipes are healthy and taste great but Im holding 1/2 STAR because Id love a Save to Favorites folder for my "Oven French Fries", "Mustard Dill Salmon" and "Fish in Foil Mexican Style"!
Pretty Good
Its a nice start, but a little bare bones in terms of content. Hopefully, shell have updates to add more info.
Easy To Make Healthy and Satisfying Meals
Ive been using this app for a month now. Its very clear and simple (for a non-cook like myself.) The nutritional breakdowns are detailed, the ingredients lists are clear, and the instructions are very simple. Now I can make weekly batches of food to sustain my training (without becoming a nutritionist myself.)
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